3 Top Sites Will Rank Your Website Quickly

rank your website
rank your website

Are you a beginner and struggling to rank your website, not getting traffic to your website? This article is going to solve your problem. Creating a website or a blog is not just enough. You need traffic as quickly as possible.

Especially, if your website is a new launching site. Then you need to work hard, do SEO marketing, advertising, spending money, and a lot of other things. Usually getting rank and traffic to a new website is the hardest thing. But you can do some tricks that will help you to rank and get traffic very quickly. And here I am going to show you how you can rank your site quickly.

There are many platforms on the internet. You can use all of them. But for now, you don’t have to go after all those platforms. Just start with these three sites to start ranking your website. Let’s get into it!

Three Biggest Sites That Rank Your Website Very Quickly

Let us see which are those top 3 sites that help you to rank your website, especially for the new website. If you are serious about ranking your website and driving traffic to your website as quickly as possible, then these three sites are for you. You must join them immediately. And the good thing is they are all free to join, of course, you can also buy premium service from them to boost the ranking of your website.

# 1 LinkCollider

rank your website


What is LinkCollider?

LinkCollider offers free social media advertising to get likes, subscribers, followers, tweets, shares, blog posts, and web traffic. It can also be a source of revenue for you if you join LinkCollider Affiliates Program. If you are a living testimony that LinkCollider works, rope in friends and colleagues to start using LinkCollider too. Not only do you get to help others in website-building and social media marketing, but you also earn a hefty 50% commission for every person you bring in who buys a membership for the first time.

How this Linkcollider works to rank your website?

Linkcollider works on a token system. You can either buy or earn tokens by exchanging the traffic. Token serves as your money on LinkCollider. You will pay tokens to the other users of LinkCollider to give you tweets, likes, shares, blog posts, followers, website traffic, and subscribers.

At First, you need to submit your website, Facebook page, Pinterest page, youtube ID, and other social accounts.

And secondly, after submitting the website, you have to collect tokens as much as possible. More token more traffic you can get. You can buy a token or just collect the token by following others or watching youtube. Isn’t that easy!

What’s next after submitting a website and collecting tokens?

Simply wait for a few hours then go back to the dashboard and see what you get. Other users of LinkCollider will give you tweets, likes, shares, blog posts, followers, website traffic, and subscribers for your websites. Just make sure you have a rightful amount of tokens.

What Your website will get

  •  Website Traffic
  •  Facebook Likes
  •  Pinterest Pins
  •  Twitter Tweets
  •  Tumblr Posts
  •  Stumbleupon/Mix Posts
  •  WordPress Posts
  •  Blogger/Blogspot Posts
  •  Backlinks
  •  Better SEO

The good part is you don’t have to spend money to get these. To get all these to your website you should have spent a lot of money but here without a penny, you spend got all these to your website. Because you got a lot of likes, comments, shares, tweets, backlinks that help boost to rank your website. this is a good practice for new bloggers to rank a new website.

You can also upgrade your free account to a premium account that will give you more easy ways to rank and drive traffic to your website. And you should know all these traffic are real human beings. Hope you will love Linkcollider. Ready to register? Click to Create Linkcollider Account.

You can watch a short video here to learn how to improve your social media presence..

# 2 Followlike

rank your website


What is Followlike.net? Followlike is a social exchange community platform. This is one of the biggest traffic exchanging platforms which helps you rank your website very fast. And if you are very active in earning more coins and exchanging social traffic you will be able to rank your website very easily and quickly.

It works on points of coin systems, unlike linkcollider. It has great social exchanging options. You can easily exchange your traffic with others members.

How to get started in order to rank your website?

First of all, you need to create an account if you don’t have one already. Go here to Register and create an account for free. Or click the banner below to join now.

After creating an account, the next thing you need to is to add your exchange – meaning add your website or social media page.

And in the third step, collect coins as much as possible. More coins you have, you can exchange more traffic. You do this by following other exchangers. When you watch YouTube videos you get coins, and that coin you would use for fetching traffic from other exchangers. That way you and other users grow together. By doing this you will be generating more traffic. More share, likes, comments, and engagement on your blog post or videos or social pages, you get ranked your website higher. This is how you can rank your website very easily.

What can you do on this site?

You can do both here; earning coins by exchanging your traffic and driving traffic by spending your coins.

There are quite a big number of exchanging options that you can do in order to rank your website. They are as follows:

  • SEO Keywords Links
  • Custom Exchanges
  • Competitions & Prizes
  • Facebook Exchange
  • Instagram Exchange
  • Reverbnation Exchange
  • Soundcloud Exchange
  • Tumblr Exchange
  • Blogger Exchanger
  • WordPress Exchange
  • Twitter Exchange
  • Ask.FM Exchange
  • Vimeo Exchange
  • VK Exchange
  • Dailymotion Exchange
  • YouTube Exchange
  • OK.ru Exchange
  • Twitch Exchange
  • Flickr Exchange
  • Mix Exchange
  • Diigo Exchange
  • Pocket Exchange
  • Folkd Exchange
  • Pinterest Exchange
  • Reddit Exchange
  • 9Gag Exchange
  • Traffic Exchange

Click to Register Followlike

# 3 SparkTraffic

What is SparkTraffic?

SparkTraffic is another site from which you can easily drive direct traffic to your site. You can also buy traffic. Using paid traffic can help you rank your website very fast. Initially, you can try a demo project which is free. Every month you have to renew this to get traffic to your website continuously.

rank your website

With SparkTraffic you not only receive free traffic, but you also get Alexa Ranking. Your site will automatically get ranked in Alexa ranking.

And the good thing is that it does not affect your AdSense rather it will help increase your earning.

For better results, you should consider using the premium service, because that is going to give you more unique traffic and increase your site ranking. So, now the question is, are you really serious about your business? As a beginner, do you want to rank your website and drive more traffic? Even if you have already got rank your website, still you can use these sites to double your traffic and upgrade your site ranking.

So, create an account now, and start an instant free project to rank your website right now.

Click to Register SparkTraffic

Hope you found this article useful. Thank you for reading this article.

You can find more tips and guides on this site, please do visit other links to find more step-by-step tips, to help you grow your business and rank your website very quickly using different methods.


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