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free website
free website

Free Website: I Will Make WordPress Website for You Free of Cost

If you are reading this article for the first time, you are lucky enough, because I am going to announce a big Give-Away prize! Please read the content till the end, other wise you may miss the big prize. The big prize is FREE WEBSITE! Absolutely Free WordPress Website!

Did you know how people are making money blogging? Do you want to make money with blogging? If you are thinking or got inspired to start a blog and make money, but do not know how to make a blog or website. Then this article is absolutely for you. I am going to make a free website for you.

Please remember, this article is only for the people who wants to start a blog to make money but do not know how to create a blog or who has not created any blog so far.

I am happy to help beginners to get started with blogging business. so, whatever the blog you want to make I will do it for you free of cost. I promise I won’t charge single penny from you.

You may think now, am I made! Yah, that sounds so crazy! But it is truth that I am going to make a wordpress website for you.

Why am I doing this?

Very simple. I do this just to promote my web development service. I have been working in blogging service for years, and provided web building service to several clients at different freelancing platforms. Now I want to promote my service using this unique methods not only to influence my personal branding but also to help you so that you get the benefit without investment.

How are we going to do this? How are you going to get Free WordPress website from me?

The process is this:

See, you need to understand when I say free website, I mean to provide a free web building service. That means, there are certain things that you need to provide me so that I can develop a website for you.

Requirement from you for getting your free website:

  1. You need to buy a domain name and hosting service from Namecheap through the link provided here
  2. You have to provide me with your cpanel login details that you have received from Namecheap
  3. You need to provide me your business or blog details (What type of blog you want me to make)

That’s it! Rest is on me.

How am I going to process the work?

  • I will install a wordpress on your site
  • Set up WordPress dashboard
  • Install free wordpress theme
  • Install all the required plugins
  • Search Engine Optimization (Basic set up)
  • Menu set up
  • Page creation
  • Category creation
  • Footer menu settings
  • Uploading your site logo (you need to provide me)
  • Contact us for creation
  • About page creation and uploading content (your content)
  • Privacy policy

Awesome! This is a complete website for you. No one will do this. You are saving $1000.

Please remember I will do this only for first time visitor to my website ( I mean I will create free website only one time. If you like my service, you can hire me for your next project. I am available in Fiverr. I will provide you the link below. Or you can directly discuss with me for your future project. I am always ready to serve you. I am just one mail away.

Before we process the work we will have discussion on the project but you need to have a patience since there are several clients have already been in the queued.

What about the quality of the site?

You may be thinking since this is a free of cost the quality of the website may not be as expected. See, even though I am providing you a free service, I am actually benefited in doing this. Because all this free is not free. I need to provide the best service to you then only you will come back to me for the next project. So this is my challenge that I should be able to provide you a satisfactory service. Whatever you ask I am ready to do it. You will get your site as you want.

Look at the site you are in now. This is my primary website, I myself built it. You can now imagine what type of website you are going to get.

But then you need to do certain things which are very much mandatory, without you done that I won’t be able to provide you this free website. So what are those? follow the instructions below.

Now the final instructions for getting free website:

In order to be eligible to get free wordpress website you have to complete following things:

Step one: Buy Domain and Hosting from Namecheap only through this link: Buy Domain

Step Two: Buy SEO Tool from Semrush from this link: Buy Semrush

Step Three: Follow Facebook Page: Click this link and follow the page, and comment that you have done all of these

Step Four: Subscribe to my YouTube channel : Click to Subscribe

Step Five: After you made all the purchase, please send me the invoice details for the verification.

Step Six: Provide me with cPanel login details and other requirement will be asked time to time if need raised.

You are all done!

If you don’t want to accept this give-away offer and you want to directly buy my service, then you can hire me on Fiverr. Please check out the Gig details from here.

This is not all!

There is another Bonus! 

If you are ready with all of these steps, and all the verification are completed without any issue then I will give you another Big bonus. That is the biggest course with highly demand in the market ” Facebook Advertising Course.” this course contains 40 plus video clips.

Link will be sent to your email from which you can download and keep on your system.

Currently this course is sold at $250 in Fiverr. You can check out here in Fiverr Gig.

How long it will take to get your free website?

Since there are several clients already in the queue so it may take 7 to 10 days to receive a complete website. On the course of time all the communication will done.

So what are you waiting for? Just go to the above mentioned links to proceed the purchase and come back to me along with your invoice and other requirements. Then I will process your project right away. 


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