How to Earn Money Online with Graphic Designing?

graphic designing
graphic designing

How to Earn Money Online with Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is the future-proof skill that one can earn money online with it. Because every business, company need graphic designing to have unique identical presence of their business.

Film industry needs graphics, video content creator needs graphics, marketer, designer, blogger, web developer, business, companies, advertiser, tutor, YouTuber, everyone need graphics. So graphic designing is a kind of essential element that every creator, business, designer or online marketer must use.

So, if you are looking for earning money online then graphic designing is a best way to start. However, if you do not have the knowledge of it better you spend time in learning graphic designing. Once you are skilled enough in graphic designing you can start your own graphic designing agency or else you can work on different freelancer platform providing service to different clients.

If you really need graphic designing course you can do it from Udemy and other platform but here is another option. You don’t have to go long process of learning course, simply buy a graphic designing software or tools with one time price and use it for life time. Here I am introducing you about graphic designing software created by Paul Ponna and team.

The software is called DesignBeast. This is a powerful tool but very easy to use it. Anyone can become a graphic designer using this tool. DesignBeast comes with two payment plan; one is one-time payment plan and other one is recurring payment plan. If you choose recurring then you have to pay $97 per month but that is you need to pay only up to 6 months, thereafter you don’t have to pay.

And second option is pay for one time at $497.

You can check out the product here:

DesingBeast – with One-time plan $497

DesignBeast – with recurring payment plan up to 6 months only.

If you are really want to grasp the graphic designing career and scope then you must consider establishing your graphic designing skill. So before we go into earning money with graphic designing let us first learn about establishing graphic designing career and scope in it.


Establish Graphic Designing Career

After Covid-19 has enter digital marketing and online business has grown up due to which Graphic Designing Career is increased by 25% every year. And till 2026 it will be one of the highest paying career. So if you are interest in graphic designing and want to grasp the opportunity to earn money with it in future then here you will learn step by step guide.

I am going to teach you:

  • What is graphic design and scope?
  • What skill required?
  • Which free and paid apps can you use?
  • How to learn?
  • What are the Income sources?
  • How can you earn from home $1000 + income per month


What is Graphic Designing and Scope?

To understand graphic designing very clearly let me give you this simple example. Follow the below example. Here are two images; Image 1, with the words that explains what is photosynthesis and image 2, is with a graphic explaining what is photosynthesis. Now you tell me which one is more easy to remember? It is Image 2 right? Why is that? Because of the graphic designed on it. Now you understand the importance of graphic designing.

Image 1

graphic designing





Image 2

graphic designing


So what is graphic design? 

Graphic design is an informative presentation designed using of images, patterns, and colors. Graphics means visual art and design means designing thing.

The Scope for graphic design

Scope of graphic design are huge. Graphic designing are used in banner creation, web development, web designing, in shop, restaurant, label, product package and everywhere graphic design is used. So learning graphic design will have great future.

What Skill Required to Learn Graphic Designing?

You need 6 skills in order to learn graphic designing. All of theme 6 skills are very interesting things to practice, you will never feel bore in doing them.

➤ Skill 1: Colors Theory

You need to have understanding of colors combination. You can learn this from Google color palette. Foreground color, background color all that you have to learn. If background color is yellow then what color should be foreground color that’s what you need to learn.

➤ Skill 2: Alignment and Balance

You need to understand photo, pattern alignment and balancing them on your designing.

➤ Skill 3: Image Selection

You cannot simply put any image on every designing. It should matches with the emotion, feelings and characters. So you need to have a sense of image selection.

➤ Skill 4: Typography 

This is a sense of using font style, which font is right for what things that you need to have a sense.

➤ Skill 5: Designing Principles

There are certain principles in designing that you will learn gradually when you get into it.

➤ Skill 6: Attention to Details

This skill is not only in designing work but in every work you do you need to attention to details so that you can design best graphic.

So these are the six skills a graphic designer would required of:

  • Colors Theory
  • Alignment and balance
  • Image Selection
  • Typography
  • Designing Principles
  • Attention to Details

Free and Paid Tools

Graphic Designing Free Tools

1# Canva

2# Adobe Spark

3# Pablo

#4 Desygner

#5 Photopea

These are free tools available online. You can start designing work with them to improve your designing skill.

But there are also professional tools which are used by professional designers. These are paid tools. You have to buy and use.

Professional or Paid Tools

1# Adobe Illustrator (Ai)

2# CorelDraw

3# Photoshop (Ps)

Photoshop is for photographer, studios, production house. Adobe In Design (Id) is used in creating eBooks, Magazine, and Books.

CorelDraw is very popular tool, used in designing, logos creation and print media.


How to Learn?

Learning with all these professional tools you need money to spend. But you don’t have money now to spend learning all these professional course. So what you can do is, start learning with all the free tools, there are so many tutorial videos available on YouTube. Once you are familiar with free tools then you can start learning with paid tools if you can spend money for them.

You can also learn offline. Find out the graphic designing institution near by you in your city and join the course offline. You can also learn online, there are so many online platform that provide online learning system. Udemy is one of those. Apart from this you can also learn in skilshare, coursera etc.

If you are really serious about your career then you should invest your money on learning graphic designing. After learning you are going to get return on investment (ROI).

Now we are moving on to the most important part of this course. That is about income!

What are the Income Sources? 

After learning graphic designing you can have more opportunities to earn money.

1# Graphic Job Opportunities

You can do a job in many companies like:

Work in Agencies: 

  • Graphic Agencies
  • Creative Agencies 
  • Digital Agencies
  • Corporate Agencies
  • YouTubers

Your salary can start from $300 to $500 in the beginning, and experienced designer can earn more.

Work in Freelancing:

Freelancing is a very strong option for you to earn money. You can work for a people from USA, Europe, India or anywhere. There is a huge opportunities to work online through freelancing platform.

Start Business:

Once you are experienced and very confident in providing the graphic designing service, you can start your own agency business. This will increase your income.

Best Tips for you:

  • Explore – you need to explore the things in order to enhance your skill and build your career.
  • Specialization – specialize your skill on any particular designing, it may be logo designing, photo editing, animation, production house etc., focus on one thing and become specialist on any particular thing so that you can provide a quality service to your clients.
  • Expand – when you do a job in designing agencies you expand your skill and that give you more confidence to work for more clients in freelancing job. As you grow in your work you need to expand your skill as well as your business and that will increase your income.

In doing these you are learning to develop your skill, communication and relationship with your customers.

Don’t be so hurry to earn money, take time and learn things, and become specialist in any of the designing work it will create a million dollars income coming to your door. Do not focus on money now, focus on skill development.

Hope this article is helpful. If you like this please don’t forget to subscribe the newsletter.


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