Thinkific Reviews: Is it the Best Online Course Platform?


What is Thinkific? Is it the Best Online Course Platform?

Are you looking for the online course platform? Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms. Today we will do detailed Reviews on Thinkific. Here I am writing a reviews related to Digital tools and today we are going to talk about Thinkific.

Thinkific course creators already have earned more than $650 million. You can sell with much confidence on this  website that includes pre-built instructor, curriculum, key learnings, and course review sections, and the best part is there are 100 millions students already on the platform.

Detailed Reviews on Thinkific


What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online course platform, where you can create course, market and sell them. This is a biggest platform for creating and selling the courses. Thousands of entrepreneurs trust Thinkific for exceptional student experiences.

Whenever you have to sell your courses, then we have 2 options. Whether we make our website from scratch or using LMS in WordPress Or using any online course platform like Thinkific or Teachable or Kajabi.

Why do I consider Thinkific is the best Suitable for online course creator?

When it comes to selling course online, you need to create the course first and sell them on the platform, beside that you also need to do marketing separately perhaps on social media networks. The reason I like thinkific the most is because it solves the problem of course creation, marketing and selling.

Here I can do three things:

  • Create course
  • Market course 
  • Selling course

What more can you do with Thinkific?

  • With thinkific you can create unlimited courses and sell them to unlimited students.
  • You can create courses easily and customize your courses to brand them.
  • You can build and design your website and showcase with specific pre-designed theme to attract the students.
  • Market your courses to increase sells using the best suite of business tools available within the platform.

You can give a try now for 30 day free trials. Love experiencing today? Join 30 Day Trials.

Which plan should be taken?

We will see now in detail about the plan and pricing. Which plan you should buy? What is available in the Free plan and in the paid plan.

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Let’s get started talking about Thinkific Pricing. The platform provides four plans:

  • Free
  • Start
  • Grow
  • Expand

What you get with Free Pan?

  • 1 Course
  • 1 Community
  • 1 Administrator
  • Unlimited students
  • 0% Transaction fee
  • Email and chatbot support
  • Many more features

You get with Start Plan

Price: $99 /mo

  • Unlimited Courses

  • 1 Community

  • 1 Administrator

  • Unlimited Students

  • 0% transaction fee

  • Email and live chat support
  • Includes all Free features
  • Many more features

With Grow Plan

Price: $199 /mo

  • Unlimited Courses

  • 3 communities

  • 2 administrators

  • Unlimited Students

  • 0% transaction fee

  • Phone and priority email support
  • Includes all Start features
  • Many more features

Expand Plan

Price: $499 /mo

  • Unlimited Courses

  • 10 communities

  • 5 administrators

  • Unlimited Students

  • 0% transaction fee

  • Priority phone support
  • Includes all Grow features
  • Many more features

You can check out the pricing plans here.

I will also tell which plan is good and which is not Let’s start with the user interface.

How to get started?

  • Create an account or register and login into dashboard.
  • As soon as you login, you will find an admin panel. You can manage your courses and use the page designer. This is for users, market, integration, for creating coupons, There are some advanced reporting functions.

How to create online course on Thinkific?

Are you ready to use this platform now to create online course? In this section I’m going to share with you step by step. How to create your very first online course using thinkific alright. So I’m all done with the landing page and now it’s time to actually create the course inside of thinkific.

I realized before I started recording I had actually started including some videos and building the course out and I wanted to make sure I recorded myself while doing it. So now follow these steps below:

Keep your video recording ready.

Now go to your dashboard and then to Video library. Use video library, using video library you can upload videos directly from Google Drive. So always use video library. If you save your videos and training and things like that inside of Google Drive you can easily just go to the video, click it, and you can hit view edit select it and then click upload.

Here is the tutorial video on how to create course on Thinkific by LaTisha who has already created multiples of course on it. So watch this video for the complete step by step guide to create your first course.


Need more guide on how to create online course and sell to earn money? Here are some recommended books for you. 

#1. The Complete Online Course Design Workbook: Easy step-by-step formula on how to create great courses from scratch. Teach your knowledge about anything to anyone and make money in your sleep!

how to create online course
Image credit Amazon


#2. How to Create an Online Course: The 4-Step Method to Transform Your Knowledge into a Digital Product and Create Your Freedom

Image credit Amazon


#3. Make Money From Online Courses: Eleven Steps To Create And Sell Your First Online Course (Make Money From Home)

make money online course
Image credit Amazon


#4. How to Create an Online Course: The Beginner’s Guide to Grow a Profitable Online Learning Business. Learn how to Make Money by Teaching and Selling your Online Class

create online course
image credit Amazon



online course
Image credit Amazon


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