3 Tips for Google Ads Campaign to get Better Results

google ads campaign
google ads campaign

Driving organic traffic is not that easy! That’s why lot of people go for paid traffic by launching a ads campaign on different platforms. People prefer mostly Google ads campaign on AdWords. However, most of the advertisers do not know how to launch a successful ads campaign on google AdWords. If you are one of them, then this tips is for you.

If you have started promoting your business on Google AdWords but could not drive more traffic to your website then you need to look into these tips.

This article is only for beginner who have already tried launching google ads campaign but not successful. Now you can get out of your next Google Ads Campaign. Here I am going to share you few tips to get you started.


Top 3 Google Ads Campaign Tricks to Get Better Results

Ready to using Google Ads to reach new customers online? When you’re ready to start advertising again, try a few of these expert suggestions to set your next campaign up for success.

Tip # 1 Create Right Google Ads Campaign

You can get good results in your Google ads campaign only if you create the right campaign. To create the right campaign what you have to do is, choose the campaign types best suited to your marketing goals and reach potential clients or prospects all over the Google Networks with search ads, YouTube ads, Display campaigns and many more.

Remember, Google Ads always begins with a goal and a campaign.

You have to choose ad campaign type based on your advertising goals, brand strategy, and the amount of time you can invest.

So, here you can find some tips to select the right campaign type for your campaign. Here we will look into seven types of campaigns:

  1. Search Campaigns 
  2. Display Campaigns
  3. Video Campaigns
  4. Shopping Campaigns
  5. App Campaigns
  6. Local Campaigns
  7. Smart Campaigns

Now let’s dig into each of these campaign types one by one.

1)  Search Campaigns –

This type of ads campaign is a text ads on search results.

Search campaigns are in the form of text ads on search results that help you reach people while they’re searching on Google for the products or services you offer.

It’s a great way for driving sales, leads, or traffic to your website, as you can show your ads to visitors who are  actively searching for your products or services.

Google Ads Campaign

Why to choose Search campaigns-

There are three factors to choose search campaigns:

  • Firstly, it boosts Sales and leads:
    • You can Boost your online sales and signups with this type of campaign.
    • If you have a longer sales cycle of product or service consider using leads.
  • Secondly, this is a very Easy to setup:
    • You just need to write text ads and pick keywords.
    • Skip special files or assets— which are actually not required.
    • You can try Smart campaigns for an even easier setup.
  • Thirdly, this is a very Highly specific targeting campaign: You can reach more people actively searching for what you offer.


2) Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are an image ads on your website. Display ads campaign help you reach a relevant audience with visually engaging ads as they browse millions of websites. This type of ads campaigns are a great way to expand your reach to stay top of the mind with the people beyond Google Search.

You can also create display campaign by using your data segments to enable you show ads to audience who have visited your websites or used your apps.

Why to choose Display campaigns-

  • To Increase Sales and leads: With this type of ads campaigns you need to use visually engaging call-to-actions to drive sales and signups.
  • Boosting Awareness and consideration: Make people aware of your brand by creating a memorable and attractive ads so that people are compiled to buy your product or service.
  • Reaching More: You have to target people even beyond search results while they’re browsing websites and apps.
  • Data Segments: By reviewing your data segments you can do a follow up with people who have already viewed your ads or visited your site.

There are two types of Display Ads

  • Standard Display: For this you need to pick your campaign settings and targeting. Then you have to automate some aspects of your Display campaign.
  • Smart Display: This will simplify your campaign setup, that is to save your time and help you optimize for conversions.

3) Video Campaigns-

Video campaign is always done on YouTube. Videos Campaigns help you to show your video ads on YouTube as well as other websites.

Video campaigns can benefit you in two ways: boosting general awareness of your brand and driving conversions or get more people to shop on your website.

Why to choose Video campaigns-

  • Awareness and consideration: Use video ads to make people aware of your brand or consider buying your product or service.
  • Sales and leads: Use the “Drive conversions” campaign sub-type to set up action-focused video ads.
  • Expand your reach: Target people beyond search results as they are on YouTube.
  • Your data segments: Follow up with people who’ve already viewed your ads or visited your site.
You can choose 6 types of video campaigns:
  • Drive conversions
  • Custom video campaigns
  • Video reach campaigns
  • Outstream
  • Influence consideration
  • Ad sequence


4) Shopping Campaigns-

Shopping campaigns are product listing campaign that are useful if you are a retailer looking for selling products. You shopping ads will appear on search results and Google shopping tab as well.

Product sellers can also use local inventory ads to promote products at their locations.

Why to choose Shopping campaigns-

  • Retail marketing: Use visually engaging product items listings to promote your retail product items.
  • Sales and leads: Drive people to buy on your website or online store or sign up for more.
  • Boost a nearby storefront: You can also sell your local product inventory to the people around you.


5) App Campaigns-

App campaigns enables you to find new app users and increase conversion within your app. This type of campaign uses information from your app to automatically optimize ads all over the search, Play, YouTube, discover, and over 3 million sites and apps.

Why to choose App campaigns-

  • App promotion: This ads is for app promotion. Letting visitors installs app, increase engagements, and signups for your app on mobile devices.
  • Multi-channel marketing: You can show your app on Search, Display, Play, and YouTube under one campaign.
  • Easy setup and management: You can automate targeting, bidding, and ad creation for optimal performance.


6) Local Campaigns-

Local campaigns are to promote your business locations through different channel. This helps you bring people to your physical store or shop. Your ads will be automatically optimized to appear across Search, Display, Google Maps, and YouTube.


Why to choose Local campaigns-

  • In-person store sales: Using this type of campaign you use online ads to promote your inventory and bring buyers into your physical stores.
  • Promote offers and events: Advertise in-store events and local promotions.
  • Detailed location info: This campaign can help people find your business address and hours.
  • Multi-channel marketing: It will show your ads on Search, Display, Maps, and YouTube under one campaign.


7) Smart Campaigns-

This is for automating your campaign. Smart campaigns are to automate your ads campaigns. This types of campaigns are the easiest way to automate your campaigns and get your ads up and running.

You just have to enter your business information to create ads, and Google will find the best targeting to get you the most relevant traffic for your time and money.

Why to choose Smart campaigns-

  • Sales and leads: This campaign can increase sales and signups for your products and services.
  • Easy setup: You’ll enter your business information and create a few ads, and Google will automate your campaign.
  • Advanced optimization: Google optimizes your ads and targeting relevant audience for you.


Tips #2 Choose the Right Keywords for Your Ads Campaign

Secondly you need to focus on keywords for your Google Ads campaign. Choose the right keywords for your business. the right keywords enables ensure your campaign is visible to right people at right time. You can use Google Keyword Planner Tool to discover the search the search terms that are most relevant for your business, service and products, and also get suggested bid estimate.

The right keywords can get your ad in front of the right customers, and Google Ads Keyword Planner is here to help.

Tip # 3 Add Extensions to Your Google Ads Campaign

Thirdly, you need to give your ad more impact by adding extensions to your ad campaign. How adding extensions going to impact your ad campaign?

Extensions add useful business information – like call buttons, locations, links to specific sections on your website, additional text and many more – under your ads.

With this extra content, extensions can help increase your ads visibility on the search results page and give people more reasons to click.


Here is the short tutorial video published by Google Ads itself. 


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