How to Sell Products on Instagram? 5 Smart Strategies

how to sell products on Instagram
how to sell products on Instagram

How to sell Products on Instagram? You can Increase sales using these 5 smart strategies

If you have started a new business, and you have the products or services ready to sell. Now the question you have in your mind are; How do your products get sold? How do you get the first customers? Where do your first customers come from? In this course we are going to discover Instagram marketing techniques as to know how to sell products on Instagram and increase more sales using 5 smart Instagram marketing strategies.

When you start online business, selling products or services, initially you want to drive quick organic traffic to your business to increase sales. But where the first traffic you can drive from? The very first customers you can drive from  is, from Instagram! If you use right marketing strategy then you can drive organic traffic from Instagram at the very initial stage of your business, and increase product sales. Instagram is a powerful platform where you can attract lot of viewers to become your customers.

So, let’s begin to discover Instagram marketing strategies. While looking at selling products on Instagram we need to ask few questions to have more clarity on Instagram.

How to attract customers on Instagram?

  • Create a good profile with call to action site link and contact number.
  • Create a good content and post it on your profile.
  • Write a post about your business and products deals.
  • Provide WhatsApp number and business site or store link.
  • Upload attractive images or your business or products.
  • Upload sold out image to show how many products you have sold.

5 Basic Process to Sell Products on Instagram

To sell products on Instagram, you need to follow the five basic process:

  • Getting Viewers: When you create Instagram account for your business, you started posting good content on your profile to attract viewers and people have noticed what you have posted on your profile, now they started viewing your contents.
  • Getting Followers: Once the viewers like your contents they start following you. In this second process, viewers become a followers of your channel. But sometime all of your followers may not be an active followers. So you have to concentrate on your followers to make them active followers.
  • Active Followers: Who are the active followers? A follower who is so engaged with you; meaning liking, commenting and replying to your post. A follower who sees your business and products or services start liking your products or services then they would start liking your post and throwing comments in that they become an active followers. 
  • Become Lead: When your viewers become a follower they become an active followers and the active followers become a lead. They began to visit your product store through your website link or have contact with you through WhatsApp this is what called Lead.
  • Paying Customer: After they become a lead, finally they become a paying customers.  So, your customers have to journey through these five steps.

    How  To Sell Products on Instagram – Complete the First Basic Set Up:

Before you begin to sell products on Instagram, at first what you need to do is, set up your profile. Create a shopping page to show your products on Instagram. To create a good profile on Instagram follow these steps:

Step 1: Create SEO Friendly Username – it must contain your business name and the product or service name. For example if your business name is Adhunu and the products you are selling is about mobile phone then the suggested user name can be: Adhunu Smartphone. So whenever user search smartphone your profile likely to be found on the first page. For this reason you need to create SEO friendly username.

Step 2: Upload an Unique Logo – this is very important for your profile. Your logo is your business brand. User will recognize you by your logo. So create a very attractive logo that explains your business or products. You can create a logo for free on Canva.

Step 3: Write Instagram BIO – providing profile bio is so important. Write a short bio on your profile so that viewers know what you are selling and how to get in to the product. I have taken a screenshot of one of the good Instagram profiles, look at this screenshot:

Instagram profile

What are the things you should write on your Bio? Write your primary keywords – then location name from where you deliver the products. Mention payment option and term. Add your social profile link or product store link and WhatsApp number so that customer can contact you or visit your store.

Step 4: Instagram Name Key–  while keeping the Instagram name key, along with name key, primary key keep also location name, for example – Socialseller_bags_Mumbai.

These are the basic steps to set up your Instagram profile.

Remember, when you want to advertise your products on Instagram do not promote the products from Instagram by clicking on the promote button. Rather you go to Facebook ad manager and create your ad to promote on Facebook and Instagram for better results.

Now we are proceeding to the Instagram marketing strategy. How to sell products on Instagram? In order to sell products on Instagram you have to follow these strategies:

How to Convert followers to paying customers on Instagram? 

Strategy to convert followers to paying customers

1# Tag and Discount

Followers to paying customers strategy – tell your followers to tag your product on their stories in turn you will give them a 10% or 15% discount on sale. Through your followers you drive more new customers and your followers too become your customers because of the discount they received.

This way you get more buyers. So this strategy is called Tag and Discount Strategy.

2# Personal Branding

In this strategy, you have to show your own face. Sometimes, customers do not know who is selling the product, who the person behind the product. Your customers want to know you personally. So sometimes you need to present yourself while you promote your products. You can put your picture on the banner or you can talk on the video screen to show yourself to your customers. Doing this people will know you more rather than your product.

You can reflect your personal life on your business. You can talk about how you started your business, talk about the product, how it is going to benefit the customers etc. Your personal identity is very important to your customers. This is called personal branding.

3# Invite Strategy

You can invite your followers to your Whatsapp, and you can show them your product catalog. You can create new catalog and post it on Instagram, telling people to come to your WhatsApp to check out the new or updated catalog. This increases more curiosity to your followers, and they likely to buy your new products.

But never force them to buy any product. Let them come to your WhatsApp and check out the product catalog freely and make their own decision without any compulsion.

Once they see the catalog, eventually they will become your customers.

4# Soul Out Strategy

This is very interesting strategy. Sometimes what you do is post sold out photos on your Instagram profile. When your followers see the sold out post it will make them think like, ‘Wow, this product is getting sold, I think this product is good, people are buying it let me also buy.’

how to sell products on instagram

5# Testimonials

Get feedback from your customers, create short testimonial video of your customers and upload them on your account so that people will watch the testimonials video and that will tell them how good the product is, and new customers will impressed seeing the testimonials videos.

Testimonial video can impact your new customers. So it is very important.


6# Live Image

Post live images on your account or stories or profile. This helps your followers understand you have enough stocks. Why this is important? Because many times what happen is, customers do not get the products in time because some seller’s delivery services are very slow and product do not reach to the customers in time. Therefore, customers are no happy about the service.

So, if you show them live images on your account they will know that you have the products in the stock. So they are not worry about the product to be finished. This create a positive impact

7# Scarcity Strategy

Even if the customers trust you and love your product still they may not buy the product from you. They sometimes think that ‘ok! products are available in the stock I will buy later’. So in this situation you need to create scarcity. Telling your customers that “products are limited only or 3 to 5 available in the stock.” When customers see only few products are available in the stock they will rush to order if they really like that product. This is called scarcity strategy.

If you are able to trick this psychological effect then you will sell more products on Instagram.


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how to sell products on Instagram

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