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Social media management today is a way to make sure that your business is accessible to everyone who owns a smartphone. With the huge paradigm shift in the way people communicate with each other, it has become increasingly important for business owners to invest in better means of advertising and marketing. And what can be better than making sure that you make your presence felt on the various social media platforms. Today, social media platforms make sure that you have a way to keep your target audience updated about the product and services that you offer in a much more efficient way. Social media platforms also encourage creativity in the way you advertise.

Today, classical ways of advertising such as print and television are not the best options. As a responsible business owner, you need to engage your target audience. And one of the best ways to make sure that people know about your brand is to get onto the screens of everyone who owns a smartphone. Social media platforms have great options to narrow down profiles that would be interested in the kind of product or service that you offer. The role of social media management companies is just as important as they curate a strategy that would work out best for your brand. While one might feel that social media marketing is something that they can do themselves, we would suggest that investing into a social media marketing company is a much wiser plan. This way you can be assured that your brand is sufficiently advertised and is properly looked after by individuals trained to handle such campaigns.

Socinova excels in Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, and much more. For years our firm has handled over 1500+ social media marketing campaigns. Most importantly, our work shows that our company knows how to optimise social media channels to satisfy a business’s marketing objectives. Thus, we have experience with converting social media advertising investments into more leads and conversions, no matter what industry your business falls in.Whether your business is in e-commerce, real estate, law, non-profits, or anything else, our social media management services position your business for success.

Social media development and engagement adds credibility to your company and increases your company’s reach nationwide and even worldwide. This is exactly why you need to understand the social media management process that can ensure quality content and greater influence for your business. The social media management services by Socinova can help you establish and maintain a professional social media presence for your business. Most business owners complain that negligible attention goes to social media content. That’s exactly what we can help with.

We at Socinova, realise that you may feel anxious before investing in a social media marketing agency without the knowhow of what goes behind their work. This is why we have created this section that will provide answers to your questions. We have properly elucidated upon various aspects of social media marketing along with a cost benefit analysis of hiring a social media marketing company for the needs of your brand. So if you are wondering whether to invest in a social media management company or not, read on. This section is meant to clarify all the questions that you might have regarding this subject.

Now that you’ve begun reading this section, the first question that you might have is why invest in a social media marketing company at all? Here are some of the reasons that may help you make a wise decision about investing in a company to take care of your social media marketing needs.

1. Most of your customers are on social media

The first and the most important reason to consider investing in a social media marketing agency is to make sure that your clients are well connected to your brand. Regardless of which industry you are in, your customers are on the diverse social media platforms. If they are there and you wish to reach them, you have to be there as well. Therefore, it is absolutely important that you keep your customers engaged and connected to your brand via social media platforms. What makes these platforms different is the fact that they are lively and very effective in communicating your ideas to your customers.

2. Prospects are searching for products and services like yours online

Often, the services and products that you are offering may be lost in the quagmire of many other similar products and services. This may create a problem for the visibility of your brand in competitive markets. This is why a social media marketing company is absolutely essential. With strategic methods of marketing, social media will make sure that your brand is noticed online. We will help your business generate leads and ensure that you are visible to your customers.

3. To get people talking about your brand on social media

Today the way people develop an interest into new brands, services and products has significantly changed. It is more and more important for someone who owns a business to respond to what their clients are interested in. One of the best ways to understand your customers’ interests is to hear what your customers are saying and doing on social media. This is where a social media marketing company comes handy; they do all the research to make sure that your brand gets people talking on social media. With engaging content, getting people to talk about your brand online is possible.

4. You want to stand out from your competition on social media

80% of small businesses have mentioned in a recent study that they use social media to promote their businesses. Chances are that if you are not using social media to effectively reach and convert your target audience, your competition is. The problem is that most business owners and startups do not have the time to manage all of their social media channels. Or even if they do, they don’t always know the best strategies to utilise to get ahead of their competition. We are sure you don’t want to be on social media just for the sake of being on it. You must implement a strategy that is specific to your business. That is where we come in. Our expert marketing team at Socinova has the know-how to do all the heavy lifting for you and push you ahead of your competition.

5. It’s best to let the professionals handle the job

While you may feel that social media management is something that you can carry out on your own, you must think twice about it. While it seemingly is easy, it is one of the most niche areas of marketing and thereby highly competitive. A social media management company has the technical knowhow and will develop a plan for your startup’s social media management. They can help you reach your goal and will also make sure that you don’t have to either spend a hefty amount or waste precious time navigating on these uncertain waters alone.

What does a social media management company do?

Let’s now look at what a social media management company does for you. This should be one of the most important things you consider before investing into one. Here is a list of the marketing activities a social media management company can carry out for you. If these resonate with you, you must hire one right away.

1. Social media content posting

While it is seemingly straightforward, the act of posting social content is actually much more difficult than what it looks like. We at Socinova make sure that we complete our due diligence before we curate your content. We do the research and look at your competitors and target market to analyse the way that your brand ought to look online.

We have a very extensive skill set that sets us apart from our competition. We ensure that we plan how to manage your brand according to the specifics of your business and its needs. A social media management company looks at what sets you apart from your competitors. They work upon the unique selling points of your startup and thereby enable the brand to reach more prospects.

A social media management company helps you develop a marketing plan that lets you find the right kind of customers. This is done by focusing on your ideal prospects’ age, location and essentially what drives them. We will also analyse what motivates your audience to make a purchase. This is done by analysing the behavioural patterns of your target audience.

Apart from the above we will also make sure that we analyse your competitors and see what they are doing for their own brands, to make sure that yours is different and more interesting. We try to understand what motivates your potential clients to invest into you and thereby publish stuff that would resonate with them. The more a social media management company knows you, your competitors and your clients, the better results you can get. Hence, it’s best to stick with one company for long.

2. Creating social media content calendars

Content calendars are an ideal way to make sure that your social media account is always brimming with interesting posts. Before this we highlighted that posting on social media platforms is one of the most efficient means of using social media. But crafting posts can be very-very tricky.

Let us realise something here that no small business owner has the time and energy to make sure that they manually create posts that are properly uploaded to make sure that the page looks well thought out. This is why you need a social media management company, which will ensure that your posts are not only well branded, but also timely done on various platforms simultaneously. This can turn out to be so tedious if one thinks of doing this task all day, every day.

Doing this yourself will seriously hamper your time and in fact, take up the time that you should rather invest on the other aspects of your business. What we at Socinova do is that we curate the content weeks in advance which helps us schedule an entire month’s content in just one sitting. This on the other hand, may take you loads of time if you start doing it yourself.

When creating posts for your business over one sitting, we also make sure that we understand your goals for the month. Apart from that, we also use publishing and analytics software that schedules and edits out your posts that have to be uploaded in due course.

Another advantage of hiring a social media management company is the fact that they make sure that your posts are error free. This will save you time on editing your posts. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a company is that your followers will not be left waiting for posts from you. We understand your needs and make sure that we take your considerations into mind when publishing the content. Scheduling posts enables us to also make sure that your social media followers are constantly in tune with what your brand is up to.

3. Facebook Ads and other social media ads

Social media platforms also allow running advertisements to promote your business online. Facebook Ads are the most popular option for social media ads, but there are many others as well like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Some of the benefits of these include driving more traffic to your website, encouraging more sales, ensuring that you have conversion leads on your webpages, or simply increasing the number of the social media followers you have. A social media management team can help you achieve these goals while saving you precious time and money.

4. Monitoring your small business on social media

With social media marketing, one can’t adopt the ‘set it and forget it’ strategy. You have to constantly be at it. And this may get very tedious for small business owners and creative individuals who wish to build a business and advertise it, but do not have the time or the energy to sit and curate social media profiles. An online landscape is something that has to be literally cultivated regularly so that it is not mundane. Savvy social media profiles garner the most attention and if you want your brand to reach more people, that is what you have to be too.

Social media is actually one of the only marketing platforms that is composed entirely of actual individuals who will not shy away from interacting with you directly. Buying behaviours are constantly changing and this is why you must create an interactive social media strategy to market your products and services.

At Socinova whether you take up only our social media management services or a package with the other marketing options that offer, you can rest assured that we will be constantly on our toes to regularly monitor your social media profiles for new comments, messages and reviews. We will make sure that we track the comments from your followers to analyse trends!

How much does social media management cost?

Let’s also talk about how much money you may have to spend if you invest in social media marketing strategies and in hiring a social media management company. We have in this section properly broken down the amount that you may eventually end up paying for hiring us or any social media management company.

1. Management Fee

Generally, a social media management company charges around $500-$1000 monthly. Socinova’s packages range from $100-600 a month as we’ve tailored our services specifically for startups and small businesses. The amount may vary according to the number of social media accounts and the platforms that you wish to advertise your brand on. There are also other features to consider. Generally, the social media management fee does not include advertising budgets, so you may have to account for that separately.

2. Social media ad spend

A social media management company will try to grow your brand organically, as well as with social media ads. This is why, as a business owner, you must allocate a sufficient advertising budget as well. At Socinova, we don’t charge you for the advertising budget. We rather manage your ad campaigns and the advertising budget is directly billed to you by the social media platform. This gives you 100% control over the amount you wish to spend. We recommend an ad spend of at least US$ 150 a month.

3. Setup Fee

The setup fee is the fee that compensates for the time that a social media management team will take to set up your campaign in the beginning. This generally includes setting up your social media management software, and creating any necessary advertising accounts and social media pages. Generally, companies charge $100-150 as a setup fee, but in case of Socinova, there’s no separate fee other than the price of our packages!

Reasons You Should Go with Socinova as your Social Media Marketing Agency

We’re sure you have a lot of options when it comes to hiring a social media management agency. But not all agencies are created equal. Choosing the right agency is more than just choosing the cheapest one. The wrong agency can mess things up and cost you a lot more to fix them. While a right agency like Socinova can maximise results and get you excellent return on your investment.

Social media marketing is our specialty

As we have already mentioned, we talk about being a social media marketing company a lot because it is what we were founded on and therefore what we are known most for. But it is not the only digital marketing service we offer! The truth is that our team is seasoned in various digital marketing services. Beyond social media marketing, we also offer SEO, PPC, graphic design, email marketing, and more.

We understand the goals and needs of small business owners

Since we also began as a small business, we understand all of the hurdles, hardships, and challenges that small business owners face. While we have grown a lot since we were founded, we have never and will never forget what it is like to be a small business owner juggling everything just trying to grow. Social media is a crucial facet of your business and demands attention for its effectiveness. As a busy founder, you might not have the time to devote to your online presence leading to unattended online presence. Whether you have dabbled a little bit on digital marketing but need help, comprehend digital marketing but do not have the time to execute it properly, or do not know the first thing about digital marketing and the internet, we are here to meet you right where you are and get your business running.

We have a strong experience of working in different industries

The industries we serve are not limited to a said few. We have delivered results for small business owners in e-commerce, food, dentistry, law, real estate, hospitality, and many more. Working with a social media management team that already has experience in your industry can give you peace of mind. Why should you settle for an average cookie-cutter marketing approach when you can connect with an agency that has already carved a path to success within your specific industry? Trust Socinova to get the results you have been searching for.

Customer service is our no. 1 priority

Total dedication to excellent customer service has been one of the biggest reasons of our success since 2014. You believe in the products and services you offer, and we believe in you. That is why we center all of our marketing services on the principles of customer service and care. If you are ready to take your online presence by the horns and boost your business growth, take the next step forward and contact us today. We make sure that your business is able to focus on what you do best. Our knowledge and expertise free up valuable time for you.

Advantages of Working with the Right Social Media Marketing Company

It’s no secret that customers in all industries check out a company on social media before buying from them. If your social media presence is not up to the mark, you can lose valuable business. A social media marketing company can take the load of managing your social media off your hands. Specifically, here are the advantages of working with Socinova!

Increased brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinct qualities of your company’s products or services. In simple words, people can’t purchase from you if they don’t know you exist. And to take it a step further, people will never buy from you if they know who you are but do not trust you. While a big part of social media marketing is measuring website clicks and conversion rates, something that is equally important but hard to measure is how people feel about your business.This is one aspect of social media marketing that Socinova puts a special focus on. With our positive and consistent content to your social media accounts, your company can increase its brand awareness among its customers and prospects.

More traffic to your website

Most small business owners believe that simply posting about their website on social media will get them the traffic they need. That’s not true. To get the quality and quantity traffic you need from social media, you need to have a strategy in place. When you work with Socinova, we prepare a plan of social media content and ads for your company. With the combination of effective organic content and paid ads, we focus on driving traffic to your website that actually converts into sales!

Professional, hands-off management

As a startup founder, you have a lot to do already. There’s no point in hiring a social media management agency if you only have to work on generating all the ideas for your content. What’s the point of working with an outsourced team if you have to invest hours communicating with them to get the job done? We’ve been through such situations, and we simply hate them. That’s why, at Socinova, we work hard to take social media off your hands while still following all your instructions and vision. We ask you the right questions to get started, keep things simple for your approval and work with accuracy, so you won’t have to worry it at all!

We understand that it’s not always easy to develop and maintain a social media presence for your small and new business. In fact, it can be challenging to discover the hours or know-how to make it happen positively. Allow us to do the complex work for you because you deserve the best out there. Socinova is an experienced social media management company.

Our social media management techniques are designed to complement your team’s efforts. We are here to help you succeed, and that’s why each client is paired with a dedicated account manager. Our content creation process is innovative,and we have flexible processes that mix seamlessly with your existing processes. For your convenience and in order to make sure that you get exactly what you desire, we have affordable social media packages that will fit your needs.

We have a team of experts that will take social media off your hands and allow you to take a step back and focus all that useful energy on something more productive. You can leave social media marketing to us; we are one of the best and aim to give you the best service too. Contact us now to explore how we can help you develop a good brand image online for your startup or small business!



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