Hootsuite Reviews: Why Should You Use Hootsuite?

hootsuite reviews
hootsuite reviews

Hootsuite Reviews: Why Should You Use Hootsuite?

If you are planning to use social media management tool for your social marketing Hootsuite can be one of your choices. In this hootsuite reviews, we are going to reveal what is hootsuite and why should you need to use this social media management platform.

Hootsuite Reviews

Now let us discuss about hootsuite in details so that you know before you take any action against hootsuite.

What is Hootsuite?

hootsuite reviews

Hootsuite is one of the widely used social media management platforms especially designed for organizations to make social media management easy. The tool helps to execute social media strategy across multiples social media networks.

Hootsuite can be used on all the devices to manage social profiles. Team collaboration can be done within secured environment.

The content management feature helps you to coordinate and amplify the messaging.

The features of Hootsuite

Social Management

  • Social publishing
  • Social ads
  • Campaign organization
  • Social engagement
  • Social analytics

Dashboard and Reports

  • Report customizability
  • Report exporting
  • Scalability
  • White label
  • Data exporting
  • Virality mapping
  • Audience engagement analytics

Social Analytics

  • Competitor analysis
  • Followers analysis
  • Pot performance
  • Paid campaign tracking
  • Attribution
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Sentiment analysis

Platform Data

  • Dashboard
  • Alerts and notification

Platform Monitoring 

  • Sentiment scoring
  • Filtering

Platform Performance 

  • Reporting

Influencer Marketing 

  • Influencer identification

Content Collaboration 

  • Content calendar
  • Content library
  • Shared inbox
  • Approval workflows
  • Users and permission
  • content creation

Monitoring Listening 

  • Social measurement
  • Brand monitoring
  • Keyword tracking
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Data Management and Analysis

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social reporting
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Advanced data filtering


There are four pricing plans you can opt, you can pick any of the plans that’s right for you.

  • Professional – at Rs. 1915/pm with free 30 days trial
  • Team – at Rs. 7540/pm with free 30 days trial
  • Business – at Rs. 45,000
  • Enterprise – custom price

Check out more pricing details here

What users like the most about Hootsuite?

Which of the features and tools users like the most are:

  • Post scheduling tool
  • Calendar showing the post images
  • Easy to post to all social media platform at once
  • Saving time
  • It allows to edit the photo within the application
  • It maximizes the visibility
  • Ability to post everything at once in one place
  • Easy to post multiple photos on Instagram
  • Ability to schedule a single post on multiple platforms
  • Freed up resources
This Social Media Management Tool is good for business and distributed teams.
Overall: This is a good tool that has enormously helped a team stay organized and post on a regular consistent basis.
Pros: This tool makes it easy for the distributed team of content contributors to submit content, and internal team can then create a posting calendar and use automated posting to make the management of all of social platforms fast and simple.
Cons: We really like it, but it would be nice if more platforms and types of posts could be made.
Alternatives Considered:  Sprout Social
It helps you and traffic to your social networks in a matter of few minutes
It is a platform this is complete with appreciate to the functionalities that it gives, I’m satisfied with the general functionality that this platform has represented throughout all this time, we have been the use of it for extra than a yr and the outcomes had been revolutionary, all our social networks have remained pretty applicable activity day in time out, in addition to delivered pretty a piece of interplay with customers. We would really like for this platform to put into effect an anti-junk mail system, that could block any abnormal pastime in our messages from the inbox of our social networks, this will help lots today. And within this platform, most effective the costs ought to be advanced, the inbox system need to additionally be stepped forward in order that it’s miles greater useful and may have a more order within the messages obtained. The popular functions of this platform assist social networks stay lively, you may interact with clients through comments, and reactions, as well as you can see how regularly your customers proportion the publication.
Hootsuite is a reasonably machine to control all forms of social networks, its extensive availability and the few limits ti has assist social networks to be controlled in a concrete way, in addition to tracking and dealing with the traffic in every of them. What I just like the maximum about this platform is that it gives me real-time evaluation and visualization of the hobby of all the platforms, I can visualize the activity of Facebook or Instagram money owed from this platform in real time, visualize remarks, reactions or interactions of the clients with different guides, all in actual time. Another thing that I like is this platform allows me to create scheduled guides, I can create a booklet and choose wherein the publication could be sent, I can pick out numerous social networks on the same time in order that this ebook is uploaded at an precise time in all of the social networks that I decided on, software courses has improved the activity of our social networks in scale, because it has maintained pastime in an automatic manner, with out the need to do something manually.
One of the terrible things approximately this platform is that it’s far a bit complicated to manage messages received within it, while we link all the social networks that we use on this business enterprise, all the messages obtained are saved in the same tray enter, this reasons all the acquired messages to be mixed and it seems to be a bit tough to study each one among them and recognize which social network it comes from, I would like the inbox to be much greater prepared, dividing each one of the messages received in each social network, this will help us to have an wonderful order inside the messages acquired and which will attend to every of them grade by grade. Another negative issue is this platform must offer a whole lot extra affordable fees, presently I most effective suggest the usage of this platform in big businesses that could cover the high prices it has.

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hootsuite reviews

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